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damned + podcast = GENIUS TITLE

October 2011

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isaac/miria - may I have this dance?

eryncerise in damnedcast

Damnedcast Episode 6 - Dance Like You Want To Win!

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Got something you think should be covered in an upcoming episode? Want to co-host? Send me a PM at eryncerise!

The news and threads mentioned in this episode are a little out of date, as I was a bit late getting this episode edited, but no matter! We have Duski with us this time, and we have some wonderful discussions about structure vs. freeform content in Damned, Aguilar and Landel's motivations, and us being unable to roll our "r"s.

Also, note: Duski was not actually in my house. This is a falsehood. Damnedcast is proudly produced by liars and cheats. <3

- Military missions are go! Probably to last beyond the military arc, too.- The Medical Wing is a reality! The legends were true!
- Drug Trials! Again, possibly to last beyond just this NS?- Aguilar rants in his sexy Spanish voice
- The Eagle shows himself at last and gets the Coliseum fight from last NS going.
- Four more teams in the basement tonight, at least one of which is also headed for the Coliseum, and one of which is headed for the Caverns. - The first appearance of the new NSer Prince Baka makes a bright shining splash

- Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and Luke Skywalker (Star Wars) - played by Stefan
- Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII) - played by Noliel
- Ted "Theodore" Logan (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) - played by Ani

New Arrivals
- Terra Branford (Final Fantasy VI) - played by olesia
- Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha) - played by bluemoon
- Riku (Kingdom Hearts) - played by Alison

- Lord Sesshoumaru vs. Historical Accuracy (or: Why Sesshoumaru is Probably the Virginiest Virgin Who Ever Virgin'd)

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