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damned + podcast = GENIUS TITLE

October 2011

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scott pilgrim - sweet glory hallelujah

eryncerise in damnedcast

Damnedcast Episode 7 - Life is Beautiful

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Got something you think should be covered in an upcoming episode? Want to co-host? Send me a PM at eryncerise!

The news is a little out of date, as editing of this episode was interrupted by a wild convention appearance. Also, the episode ran long due to a wealth of topics and a bounty of laughter. I'm sure you won't mind any of that, though, because Kaze is beautiful, and she thinks you are too. Come join us on our magical adventure of Russian politics, drugs, and zombeh baybehs.

- Another goddamn LJ DDoS attack. NS likely to be has been extended because of it.
- Drug trial effects so far include:
  • Riku: followed by the ghost of a loved one
  • Albedo: intense pain when touched
  • Grell: hear distressing voices
  • Gamzee: turn into a monster
  • Castiel: brainwashed ala Real Life Event
  • Badd: relive a traumatic memory
  • Guybrush: turn into a monster
  • Rose (TVD): fear of the dark
  • Soma: murderous urges
  • Utena: turn into a monster
  • Zack: TBA turn into a monster
  • Sechs: TBA zombie virus
  • Ritsuka: TBA hallucinate monsters
- Zero and Ippo are making some last-minute friends in the Med Wing.
- Team Abyss sees Charon trollin' in the underground lake
- Team Mental Quest makes it to the Coliseum, and Peter and Indy are the ones chosen for the showdown
- Team Troll heads for the Sphinx's Chamber, where Gabe totally proves they deserve their team name.
- Tonight's M-U sessions:- Damned Quotes update and new submissions post!
- Not-so-exclusive scoop! Badou and Haine are coming back (Badou came back before this episode came out!)

- Claire Littleton (Lost) - played by Kabby (Peter Parker)

New Arrivals
- Zero (Mega Man Zero) - played by Ginga (Byrne Faraday)
- Daemon Sadi (Black Jewels) - played by Rynn (Rose [Vampire Diaries])

- Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
- Mawaru Penguindrum

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Damnedcast by Eryn Dearden is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.