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damned + podcast = GENIUS TITLE

October 2011

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eryncerise in damnedcast

Damnedcast Episode 8 - Rad Bromance

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Got something you think should be covered in an upcoming episode? Want to co-host? Send me a PM at eryncerise!

Oh no, for some reason my microphone quality is crap this episode! D: Oh well, at least you can still understand what I'm saying, and more importantly, you can understand our lovely guest hosts: our mighty mod Court, and the lord of the undead, Hannah. Hope you like talking, because there's a lot of it! We have a lot of news and three long-winded people to talk about it with. Expect deleted scenes from this episode at some point.

Also, a note: with school starting soon for me, episodes may become more infrequent. I will try to get out at least one per month, ideally two, but if there isn't an episode for a while, then you guys know why.

- Team Troll made it to the Coliseum. If you're sick of Coliseum threads being a trail of tears and woe, look no further than this thread.
- Indy died in the Coliseum. :'c
- Team Abyss goes through trials in the Caverns, including a stint in the Hall of Faith and a Test of Courage. They pretty much all come out looking like major badasses.
- Drug trial updates! These are some of the drug threads you should be reading.
  • Guybrush turns into a tailypo and fights Javert.
  • Zack turns into a dog and hangs out with Rose.
  • Utena turns into a salamander while Soma tries to blow her brains out.
  • Ippo turns into a ram while looking for Byrne with Badd.
  • Sechs starts turning into a zombie while Ritsuka hallucinates monsters.
  • Claire Littleton attempts to murder Venom with an axe.
  • SPOILERS: OKITA DIES. And Hijikata cries. ;-;
- NS mission updates!
  • Rose and Ilia meet their hit, Giuseppe Bosco, who is apparently the one who built Marc's radio equipment. Unfortunately for him, the girls are bent on killing him anyway, as they don't feel escaping with him will help them much in the end.
  • Tsubaki and Rapunzel get shot at and hit a land mine on their way to delivering their intel, and ultimately decide "Screw all y'all, this crap isn't worth it. We're jacking your shit." In other words, they steal a disc to take back to the Institute with them.
- DS mission start-ups!- Castiel wakes up Real Life Event'd. Sam and Dean are all :| about that.
- Gabe's masterpiece post to Snow, and why it's more important than you might think.

- Wally West/The Flash (Justice League), Dexter Morgan (Dexter), and NS-Only Scarecrow (Batman) - played by Kesiah (Brainiac 5)
- Mele (Juken Sentai Gekiranger) - played by Jac (Maya)
- Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion) - played by Claire (Tifa, Goku, Ippo)

New Arrivals
- Badou Nails (DOGS: Bullets and Carnage) - played by Sra
- Heine Rammsteiner (DOGS: Bullets and Carnage) - played by Mika (Fai, Haruno Sakura, Neku)
- Leanne (Resonance of Fate) - played by Alex
- Shiina Nagasawa (Akumetsu) - played by Cager (Aigis, Gant, Ilia)

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Damnedcast by Eryn Dearden is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.